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Dr Congo
Dr Congo

What does Afris do?

In addition to our social network which is free, we offer Afris members our so-called total solution. It includes:

·       Video Production

·       Photography

·       Digital marketing

This complete solution is perfect for those who want to get started with your business, reach out to more on social media and who want to create a more attractive brand.

The price for this total solution is

Bound: 1000: - month

Running: 1399 - month

Prices are inclusive of VAT

Why afris?

With AFRIS focus on Afro entrepreneurs and the afro industry - the target group is offered an intermediary that facilitates business expansion and sales through increased exposure via the website, Google AD's and on social media.

Afris has the experience required to deliver complete solutions for you or your company. Everything from strategies and layouts how to work with social networks to produce material for your advertising campaign.


Afris was created to help companies create a brand that strengthens their identity. We are a social network that prioritises your needs and your wishes to work more globally. Afris was also created to strengthen and promote African entrepreneurship and African culture, with a focus on contributing to the African diaspora.


Terms and conditions

When you sign a bound membership we offer you the first month free

To use this service you must first be a member of Afris, which is free of charge.

I think AFRIS is good because it not only helps my business reach out to a large group of people but also because it makes it possible for me to discover other exciting African businesses within my geographical area.

Jacques Pedral

Personal trainer

Finally a platform that strengthens and promotes African culture in Sweden! Personally, I think that Afris is a very practical platform, which in a simple way helps me find afro businesses near me. What characterizes Afris is that all possible activities are gathered in one and the same platform, which facilitates a great deal. 

Claudia Cleopatra Botros


Do you want to know more?

Contact us for your questions and we will answer them as soon as possible or if you want to become a member today, just get started.

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